Friday, December 14, 2012

Some of my dogs might be nerds.

I've read a lot of good blogs lately. Amazing some of the challenges other people have faced in their lives. One blogger, Abiding, really has had to meet some astounding challenges. What makes a good blog is strong emotion.

Many bloggers write as if you can hear them speaking and you can imagine what their voice sounds like. I feel envy and relief at the same time. Envious of the ability to put so much life in what they say. Relief in not having to endure so many setbacks.

My biggest setback is not being able to go to work. I take care of my mom and two handicapped siblings. Not exactly the life I wanted to lead. I somehow doubt I was going to be able to spend my retirement on a cruise ship. I have heard cruise ships are a great alternative to assisted living.

I worked on an independent film. The filmmaker, his wife and son were a young family with an errant dog. I had gone to his house to retrieve my laptop. This cute little dog sat on the front porch and gave me a look like she loved me immensely. Well one thing led to another. I had a pregnant dog in my car with my family. Everyone in the car looked at me like I was hopeless.

That dog is Checkers. My sister adores her. The whole family loves the puppies and now I have more dogs and dog issues which keeps me even busier. Tonight, I went on a dog food run. I have spoiled the babies with canned dog food. I take a large can and divide it equally nine ways. The 50 pound dogs are just as content with their share as the 5 pounders.

I didn't tell you that Checkers is half Jack Russell/half Chihuahua. Single pawed, she is responsible for the new leash law in Arabi, GA.

One of her puppies has a beagle look. One looks to be a full blood chihuahua with ears cocked in different directions. Another one looks like her mother. The last one who is boss looks like Yoda from StarWars.

When I came out with the food, a woman was admiring my puppies. The pit bull who the horse farm next door is paranoid will hurt one of their horses, a poodle mix who the puppies are abusing, and my elderly purebred poodle. I looked at all three. The nine pound poodle has to have the back seat by himself. Sharing is not part of his vocabulary. The bulldog and poodle mix were in the passenger seat waiting.

All three have social issues. This is when I realized they weren't just any kind of dog. They were nerds.

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