Friday, December 7, 2012

So much to choose from

When I was in fourth grade, I earned 16 junior Girl Scout badges. All of the adults were so impressed with me.

When I started cadettes in seventh grade, My girl scout leader asked me to not work on all the badges at the same time like I did in juniors. I worked on all 51 badges from beginning to end. Being a preteen and early teenagers, she had to coax me to do any badges as a cadette. I remember when I finally got my First Class badge for being a cadette. My troop leader had worked so hard.

I'm still in the same situation. I want to do it all like I was as a junior. I don't have the motivation to do a lot of what I should do like I was as a cadette. I have to pick what I will do and do it well.

The purpose of this particular blog is simple. Create a platform for the book I am writing. I am also toying with the idea of a blog. I have never been a diarist. Fly by the seat of my pants is more like it. There is never enough time in the day to do all you want. The steam I had in the past is poor to non-existent. So, hopefully, I can distill what I want to create using this blog.

I have another blog which will wither because it was the serious me. I had a few followers. The biggest thing I got from that blog is that I had opinions. I have always done whatever to get along with everyone. However to write I have to have a starting point and a compass. I have to know who I am and where I want to go. The other blog was my starting point. I have more confidence in saying what I think. This blog will be my compass.

These are my other two blogs

5K or bust

Science Ladybug

Ce la vie

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