Friday, December 21, 2012

Makes you want to hollar sometimes.

I got a bill for a renewal for my National Geographic subscription. I was thinking, I did not get National Geographic. The cost was 59.99 for one year. Yuck, I was canceling that. Then I read the whole thing. It was a magazine subscription service.

A year's subscription to National Geographic is $15. I guess the extra $45 is for their time and effort in making someone think they have subscription and renewal to pay.

Robert Griffin III who is the quarterback for the Washington Redskins is trademarking the phrase, "Unbelievably believable" his name and initials. Trademarking is getting out of hand at times. Travyon Martin who was killed by George Zimmerman. Mom trademarked phrases associated with the public outcry. Everything has a profit potential.

There are copyright trolls that are stiffling the production of electronics and software. Legally they make money off of copyright infringements. This is one that makes you take a step back. If they own the copyright, they have a right to be paid.

Now how did they get that copyright. One reason you don't allow your own writing to go into public domain is that someone else can copyright what you wrote and make you pay to use what you gave to public domain. Makes you want to hollar.

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