Monday, December 10, 2012

Why can't I remember the post I wrote in my head while driving.

I remember when so many websites provided a free email account. It is still true. But the World Wide Web has opened up even more. You can create your own website in many forums.

I took a course in how to make money using the web. Squiddoo and Hubpages were suggested as possible revenue sites. Essentially, if you want to make money on the web, you produce your own website or work with one of the revenue sharing sites. How much you make depends on how many people click ads on your webpage or there is a tracked sale with a site like Amazon.

Honestly, you don't make money. There are a few people who work Squidoo like a job reading other lenses(webpages) and creating sales lens. I know why they suggest you donate the proceeds of your webpage to charity. It probably costs more to cut and mail the $5 check for your yearly earnings. lol

I have had much fun on Squidoo. There is a rush in the beginning with the points and there are some really lovely people who write webpages. What surprises me is the strong topics some people will choose. What disappointed me was the heavy commercial bend most people who write for Squidoo use. They are basically creating free ads for products that are sold on Amazon, Ebay and a few more affiliate programs such as Cafepress.

Some of my anathema to the heavy sales approach is somehow we have lost our way in the pursuit of consumer goods. I have a packrat mentality and a packrat's woes. My house is difficult to clean because of all the stuff I and my family members have accumulated. This is a whole nother post.

I know the root of my holding onto things is growing up without having everything. The teasing in fourth grade about my holey tennis shoes is found somewhere in my closet of too many shoes. Maybe. Most of what I bought has been on sale. The logic is that you can't find an object and when you do it is priced high so buy it why it is available and on sale.

I have one brother who throws things away. My grandmother also threw things away easily. I know my brother can't stand clutter since he grew up with clutter. My parents were packrats. I have suspected it was inherited. I don't think it was taught.

I'm not able to watch the hoarding television shows. For a packrat, it is a chilly reminder where all this accumulation can lead if I go to one too many yardsales or get sick. So, I am having a yardsale. I normally give my excess to Happy Hour Workshop yardsale and what I have may indeed make it there. It's just that some of it is furniture, a bedroom suite, dining table, sofa, clothes rack with clothes.

Yes, I'm actually unloading without moving. I'll keep my Squidoo pages. I'll leave the ads for what I think people may actually want. But, I shan't make any money with these webpages and blogs.

This is a picture of me with my trusty dog Frank. Have you ever known an untrustworthy dog? I have, her name is Louise.

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