Saturday, December 29, 2012

Julee, Where are you?

My home phone has a bug. Debt collectors. Not for me but for a shapeless, formless Julie. The last name changes but the name Julie is still there. The first person had a first name that seemed African-American but it escapes my memory. It did have a nice sound.

This leads to my big question. Do these loan originators ever check the home phone number of the people they are giving a loan to? Do hospitals ever take the time to check the authenticity of a phone number their potential patient gives?

My home phone is an essential nuisance. I would get rid of it except that I like having a landline for several reasons. Yes, I do have the number on the government do not call list. I have gotten out of bed at 11 pm to answer one of these amorphous calls.

The latest one was a recorded call. It did give a phone number for the amorphous Julie to call if she had changed her number. I imagine if this Julie can get all this credit, I would think she would be smarter than that.

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