Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things that go bump in the night.

I had some money stolen out of my billfold that I left in my purse in my car. The car was unlocked and the purse was in the backseat. They missed two crisp 100 bills that were in the pocket next to the bill area.

What was stolen from me was much greater than the value of the money. It was the security of not having things stolen out of your car. My driveway is three tenths of a mile long. I know that sounds like I got a big place. However, it's a long lot and the people who built the house, built at the back of the lot. That means someone had to come up a ways from the road to riffle through the vehicle.

You get where you don't trust anyone. On the stat page of my blog, I have gotten new visitors. They are spam referrers. Their purpose is for you to look their URL up so they can sell you something. There are spam commenters. You are protected much better from them. I would list their URLs so you could stay away.

But the following blogs have done a much better job and why should I paraphrase something they have written so well. I promise these links are safe.

It took me awhile to understand what in the heck these sites were. At first, I thought, they are sending my blog around the blogosphere so I can get followers. Then I decided to look up what the sites were. Yes I did look up their URLs. I did not click any links. I've heard that is the big "no no". Your malware, antivirus software will begin throwing alerts here there and everywhere.

It makes me think about something my little sister did when we were children. I had folded her clothes and she was to put them in her drawers. She would resist the chore. She wanted me to do it. I demanded she do it. The next week when I changed sheets, I found all her clothes between the mattresses. She just wasn't going to put those clothes in the drawer.

As an adult, she is not like that. There are a whole breed of people who want to make a living in a shady way. The irony is if they used their smarts, they could probably make more money legitimately. I understand many of these spambots are from Russia. I really think the World Wide Web needs to be tamed in the United States with prosecution of those that make all of this malware, etc.

Ce la vie.

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