Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Its been a good Christmas.

Every Christmas is unique and changes over the years. My family acquired a new dog last July who had a litter of pups on July 21.

Checkers looked at me like she loved me so much. I now know she saw a car full of old folks and we were her ticket to lavish lifestyle. Earlier this evening, I heard a terrible dog attack in the house. I went to check. It was Checkers running the 60 pound German Shepherd mix out of my sister's room. That bed is only for her and my sister. A big improvement over living under a house.

I have two sisters. One that lives with me and one that lives in a neighboring town. An emu was loose at the neighboring horse farm about 7 years ago. The horse farm came over and told my sister who was house sitting as we were on vacation to get our emu. My sister said Oh God, don't let my sister see it. She will want it.

The mystery emu was picked up by another neighboring family from later escapes. To make a long story short, that woman was a more serious animal person than I ever was and she found a home for it within one week of owning it. It was more than she could handle. I don't want an emu. I'm old enough to learn from another's misfortune.

As long as your parents are alive, you see your siblings. This Christmas was no exception. It's good to see everyone. My oldest brother had his two granddaughters in tow. The oldest is 17 and she was the chauffeur. I might be biased but both girls were gorgeous. The youngest is going to be a veterinarian. She inherited the love of animals. Her older sister I hope becomes a teacher like me. She has the disposition.

I bought Christmas dresses for my chihuahua mixes to wear and to take pictures. It was a sloppy wet day. I plan to wait a few days and dress them up for their pictures. I don't think they know its Christmas anyway. LOL

It was a good Christmas for me. Like all Christmas pasts, nothing really went the way I had planned. The little dog knows what we older folks have to offer. I hope all of you have a good day.

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