Saturday, February 9, 2013

Georgia Outdoor Show in Perry

Flint River
I sat at the Flint Riverkeeper booth for a few hours in case any one had questions. No one did. A few studied the watershed map.

 A fourteen year old recognized me for what I was and proceeded to bend my ear on nothing specific. I have listened to children and their long winding tales for so long.

It was a people watcher paradise. The booth to the left sold fried pies, beef jerky and muscadine grape juice. Their business was very brisk.

Lots of mom and dads with children in tow. The muscadine grape juice was in a wine bottle. At first I thought a mother was encouraging all her children to have a sip of wine. Then I noticed more kids were testing than adults and I read the bottle from where I was sitting. Then it dawned on me if it was wine, they probably needed a liquor licence.

I think there were more women there than men. That explains the amount of clothing and food products geared toward women.

In one place, one of the supporting actors of Dukes of Hazard was on hand to have his picture taken with your own camera for $10. There was a replica of a Dukes of Hazzard Car, police care and golf cart.

Several booths were dedicated to people going to Africa to hunt animals native to that continent. What surprised me were the number of hunting vacations in Indiana and Kansas. Of course there were tree stands and RVs to admire.

The best part were the people walking through.

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