Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm mad as heck and I ain't gonna do nothun about it again!

I'm mad as heck and I ain't gonna do nuthin about it again. So there.

Whadya do?

1.  Write sentences of words spelled phonetically.

2.  Make the entire world want to hide when they see you coming.

3. I hate lemonade. Don't tell me to make lemonade when I'm mad.

4. Laugh about, you got to be kidding. I'm too sensitive.

5. Clean house, but I'm a slob? I don't know how.

6. Take a walk.

7. Think about something else.

8. Forgive and forget. Really, is that possible?

9. Remember, there are worse things.

10. Really stop thinking about it. Life was never fair. Why is this bothering me?

11. Write it all down. I think I'll go clean the bathrooms.

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