Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm writing a tell all about my mom.

I've read that Shirley McLaine's daughter has written a tell all about her mom.

I'll read it when it shows up at the thrift shop. I'm a big Shirley McLaine fan.

I'm not surprised that she was an absent mother. You can't do all the films she did and be a stay at home mother.

I recognize that it is wretched to have a neglectful mother and difficult to live in an
English boarding school as opposed to living at home.

Its just that there is something disloyal dishing the family problems for the money.  I wouldn't be surprised that Shirley McLaine encouraged her. Shame is considered a way for more free publicity by actors.

She also doesn't know how lucky she is that mom is still working at 78 and not living in her home making demands. Complaining the toast was laid wrong on the plate for breakfast. A friend of mine has an elderly mom who gets hysterical if her toast is laid wrong.

Another acquaintance carries her mother's and aunt's meds in the trunk of her car. They only get one weeks worth at a time in a daily pill reminder. They are incredibly mad. One forgets to take medicine or takes too much and the other decides she does not need it.

One thing we all do in our fifties if we are lucky enough to live that long is face our own mortality. Taking stock of what did not go well in our life. It is easy to not know what went well. For me, I have regretted that I have worked so much and not gotten out and had more fun. I should have had more hobbies instead of working second jobs. I have also looked at the impact of my family on my life.

You can get lost in all that introspection and fail to look at what went well. Writing a book and putting it out when mom is in a hit television show is fortuitous for Sasha Parker.

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