Friday, February 8, 2013

Jeez Louise, A dog is a lot more than a pet.

I've got a pit bull. I thought she was a black lab mix. Black labs are the sweetest dogs.

Well, I understand why people defend pits. My bully tussles with my 6 and 7 pound temperamental chihuahua mixes. I break it up out of common sense but she is so gentle with them. A gentleness their ferociousness matches. She cracks pecans for them and they greedily take them out of her mouth because they can't wait.

I agree people should not be breeding pits. They are used for the wrong reason. They are very strong dogs. They need someone who will make time to share their life with them. All dogs need this. However, pits and golden retrievers are chronic lovebugs. All dogs also need a responsible dog owner. My chihuahua mixes are so hot tempered it is difficult to control their nipping tendency.

People shouldn't be breeding any of their dogs. With so many dogs being put down, there are plenty to go around. Feed an animal well and they will look better and better. However in old age they show their warts and decline like us.

I had someone to offer me some pedigree Boxers. I've heard this many times. People breed their beautiful dog and anticipate selling the puppies. Then, they find themselves desperately trying to get a good home for them all.

People say small dogs will find a home. Maybe.

The purpose of this blogpost is to share the value of a dog.

1. Companionship.
Pets ease loneliness and give unconditional love. I have two small chihuahua mixes that sit in my mother's life chair tussling, waiting for her return when they are in the house. They know to get in the dog bed beside the chair and many little social niceties that cheer my mother.

2. They can save your life. I've had my life saved two times by dogs. 

The first time was when I was walking with my dog on a leash. They were widening the road about three feet. A car out of nowhere was coming down the road at a high rate of speed. It was dusk, I stepped into a hole and fell backward in the road. I had skinned my knee bad, twisted an ankle and in a prone position. I did not know if I could get up in time. My dog Lester a Golden Retriever mix pushed me from behind in a sitting position. The car barreling down the road, turned left into their driveway about 200 feet from where I fell. I sat stunned and frankly in a lot of pain before I got up and made the 300 feet distance back to my home.

Another time was a rattlesnake encounter. Suzie the dachshund encountered the snake as I was working in my backyard. It was quick and aggressive. We ran her to the emergency vet where we had her put down. It was a large snake.from the bite she got. When I laid her in the ground, she sounded like a bag of water sloshing. If I had encountered the snake first, that would have been it. A rattlesnake is very difficult to survive even with medical intervention.
The next morning, I encountered a King Snake stretched across the mowed grass. It was barely visible.  hope Suzie's nemesis was his next meal.

3. Protection
Many burglars and home invaders will not enter the home if a dog is present. People see themselves as swashbucklers shooting someone breaking in to harm them. The reality is that these people are good at finding people in a vulnerable situation. Think of the BTK killer in Wichita, Kansas. A dog can alert you which is what you really need. Being able to call law enforcement, waking up to call the fire department if your home is burning.

A dog is a lot of trouble depending on whether you enjoy its company. In choosing to get a home for your dog you need to determine if you can handle the responsibilities.

1. There is no such thing as a free dog. 

Plan to spend about $300 the first year in vet bills and $800 a year for food and supplies.

2. Do you live where you can have a dog. 

Getting that cute puppy and the landlord says no pets means you may be giving your dog away when it is the hardest which is when it is still a puppy but fully grown. Dumping a dog on the highway usually means the dog will be hit by a car within an hour.

3. Have pet spayed and neutered.

 I have so many chihuahua's because mama chihuahua went in heat at 6 months and the previous owners were caught unaware that they could go in heat so soon. One of her daughters went in heat at 5 1/2 months. I took all three girls to be spayed. The brother will go this month to be neutered.

4. Like your children, you can have problems with your neighbor because of them.

I'm currently fencing my lot in the country. The horse farm next door has about 30 horses and donkeys, an unbelievable quantity of flies and of course that lovely aroma of livestock. However, they want me to get rid of my bulldog. She does chase the horses. I keep her with me at all times or in a pen. She got out Sunday and chased horses. I was getting her home. The chasing lasted about two minutes. As they shared with me, they have a shotgun and plan to shoot her.
I keep up with my dog in that I try to be a good neighbor. Besides she has had her foot broken because a horse stomped it. Hopefully, I'll get the fence done this month.

5. Can you handle the number of animals you have?

I am at my personal max financially and with what I can care for. I have two large dogs and seven ankle biters and a pair of aristocratic cats. I live on twenty acres in the country.


  1. My vet has a similar saying, "There's no such thing as a free kitten." Pets are definitely a blessing to our lives, but a responsibility as well.

    1. There's a pregnant calico at one of the animal rescues here and I would love to get her to add to may menagerie. My dogs love the cats. The only problem is I can't handle the vet bill of getting everyone spayed and neutered.


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