Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jealousy and Sympathy

I worked for a boss who was difficult. He felt like he should be able to hire the entire faculty and all of us should just leave so he could do so. He systematically worked on different people and some did transfer. My time came about three years after he came.

One woman was attractive and was his new right hand person. I'll call her Miss Perfect. That year she could be so obnoxious putting my stupid butt in place. I thought about leaving but hey I needed the job. Wherever you go you can have problems.

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I have to be honest, there was a parent who wanted my head on a platter the year they worked on me. They wrote letters which were never shared with me.

One time I sat until 5 PM for a conference with the vice principal over a letter. They were tired and so we would have to do that the next day. The lawyer I consulted told me until they put anything in writing, they were barking at me.

I could be stupid in many ways. I didn't fight back because I was on the losing end. I took the high road. I returned the next year because I recognized that I needed to do it for my own benefit. I shouldn't have to leave with my tail between my legs.

When It blew over, the comment was made that I had done a good job teaching.

Miss Perfect had the tables turned when a new principal came. All the humiliating talk was directed at her. Her biggest weakness was that she did not have to change with the times.

She was used to being backed up when she had conflicts with students and parents. The norm is that teachers are on their own. Part of the job is dealing with people whether they are fair or not. The customer is always right is part of teaching.

Miss Perfect has always been a good teacher.

The humiliation got so great that another teacher who had been treated badly by her in the past felt compassion for her and helped her. I had moved on to another school. I don't know if I could have done it.

I think about this when I see lists on the internet of the ugliest celebrities and plastic surgery mistakes. Somewhere, people have forgotten that we lose our looks as we age.

Actors try to keep a youthful look. They get plastic surgery to correct perceived flaws in their appearance and they may or may not age well because of work done in their twenties and thirties. Have you noticed so many have the same nose.

Frankly, we just aren't that pretty as we get older. Some gals keep that youthful figure but the face doesn't stay youthful. The thinner they are, the deeper those deep skin folds can be.

I had never been incredibly beautiful like many actors. Much like, I had never been favored like Miss Perfect. Life happens to us all.

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