Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why did I have to see that?

Buttons had to make the dog bed more comfortable.
I had three dogs in my car while I put fence posts up today. As a treat, I took them into town to gas up my car and purchase each of them a McDouble. Loretta did well waiting in the car and she held her anxiety down. One dog was my old man Frank. Muffin and Loretta don't get as much special treatment being the middle children. lol

As I motor up the road, I see a starving dog. I immediately turn around. The dog is still looking at me. I have dog food at home. I note where the dog is and go get the dog food. Turnaround is no more than 5 minutes.

I can't see the dog. I drive very slowly and I see a dog lying in the grass. I get out with the dog food. At first I think the dog is the dogs littermate. The stomach is distended. I walk about a third of a mile up the road in both directions. I come back and note the dog is who I saw.

I guess the dog died after I passed. It's eyes were pleading. With dogs in my car, I didn't dare pick it up. I was going to feed the dog. Take it to the vet. I adopt a dog and give it away about once a year.

Highway 96 is the highway of dead dogs. People dump dogs out on it all the time. They are usually hit within hours or an hour.

I love all animals. I just have a special place in my heart for domesticated animals. They love you back so much.

Since the dog was so close to death, it is just as well. I would have liked to let it pass with a kind word. Dogs love a human without judgement.

In the evolution of humans its theorized our species did not die out because of its alliance with the dog.

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