Friday, April 19, 2024


 Quixotic is something that is idealistic to the point it is impractical. 

Somebody must have been talking about me 

I washed cat food cans out. The cans are made of aluminum. I have been doing this for years.I put the aluminum cat food cans with the aluminum soda cans and take them to the recycling center. The man working there told me they throw them away. They only take soda cans.

So once again, I have been good for nothing. 

I decided, I will still wash the cans and keep the soda cans and periodically sell my cans at the recycler. It will not be a King's ransom. But it will pay my gas for the stop. I'll do this when I go to that part of town. My developmental disabled brother is so excited. I'm going to let him keep the money. He likes to get the "loot" as he calls the money.

Sometimes I see where someone has washed a waxed paper container that once held ice cream which I know has to go in the garbage. All that effort for nothing, I feel their pain. I put my waxed paper in my burn pile. I live in the country and I do periodic burns. 

Life is good. I got first world problems. I can see where someone will mine landfills one day for the metals.

Recycle Reduce Reuse


  1. That is a glorious spider web photo. Fortunately our recycling is happy to take any aluminium cans.

  2. We used to have street recycling in our city, but no one cleaned their material and they just put food in with everything else. The city couldn't sell it. Now they have recycling centers and those of us who go the extra mile drop off paper and plastics in the very limited amounts allowed. I wish we could recycle more but it is a vicious cycle of - no market for recycles - no recycling collected. (instead of recycle and reuse)


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