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Daniel Boone and David Crockett

 Daniel Boone was a man, a real man. 

My brother plays certain programs on television and Daniel Boone is one. When I found the theme song on Youtube, I recognized Fess Parker and Ed Ames. So I must of watched the show many many years ago. The show aired between 1964 and 1970. At that time, we had one channel, CBS Channel 13 in Macon. GA. There was no need to get up to change the channel in my home until September of 1968 when NBC channel 41 began.

 By that time, I had begun to read books and not watch television. I had students who hated videos. I understood. Television just pokes along to me. I watch some but the characters get too cloying cute at times. This is said from a woman who loved Big Bang Theory and Third Rock from the Sun. Obviously I am into seriousk programming. lol

If you want a serious earworm, this is a link to the Daniel Boone  theme song.  I walk around with this tune in my head. I would complain, but I always have a ear worm. I should make a list and share to people who make me mad. Yep, the soup is cold I say to the laikadasical server who shrugs Who cares. I reply,."Let me share this tune with you."

Daniel Boone was an explorer known for his skills as a frontiersman  Daniel Boone fought in the Revolutionary War. He opened up Kentucky for settlement. He was a prisoner of the Shawnee where he learned that the American Indians wanted to keep the area as their traditional hunting grounds without the new settlers claiming the land. I don't know why that was not obvious to anyone. . 

Historically, Daniel Boone found the Cumberland Gap and enabled colonist to pour across Appalachia to settle Kentucky and other regions west. My great grandmother related this story to my mother. When she was a kid, her family came through the Cumberland Gap to settle in Northwest Alabama. During their journey, they made a pallet on the ground where they all slept. The next morning when they woke up, all of them were so toasty and warm. When they puulled the covers back, they discovered it had snowed. The layer of snow on their covers had insulated them. 

1820 Painting of Daniel Boone by Chester Harding.
Boone was born in 1734 and passed in  1820.
This is the only known likeness of Boone.

Daniel Boone is sometimes confused or thought to be a contemporary of Davy Crockett. Daniel Boone was 52 when David Crockett was born. Both men were adventurous frontiermen. David Crockett was born in Tennessee and died at the Alamo. It is unknown how David Crockett died. What is known are the tales of his adventures and the tales he created. David Crockett was a folk Hero in his lifetime. 

I use the name David Crockett in that the man preferred the name David versus the name Davy. Disney created 5 episodes about his life. The show had a theme song like Daniel Boone which was also sung by Fess Parker. The song differs in that it does not quite create an earworm like the Daniel Boone theme song does. 

Davy Crockett theme song

David Crockett
1834 by Chester Harding


  1. Earworms are shockers aren't they? And they are very, very rarely songs that I actually like.
    We didn't get a television until quite late and it is a habit I never adopted. If I am home alone it is off. If my partner is home it is on.

  2. I think of these two men together- I didn’t even realize they weren’t contemporaries- very interesting!

  3. I was told by a teacher they were distant cousins to each other, and as you noted, not really contemporaries. David Crockett also hated the coon skin caps you always see him wearing on the Disney shows.

    I would imagine it did not occur to people back then to know or care why the Native Americans were fighting against the settlers. In those less enlightened days, I'm not sure the Europeans and their descendants in colonies around the globe really thought at all about the people they were displacing or enslaving. It might have shocked many of them to know what we see as so obvious now, human is human, all are worthy of kindness, compassion and respect. They thought in very different terms back then.

  4. Davy Crockett is a distant cousin on my dad's side. I loved that music back when I was a little girl. My folks told me when the TV show, Davy Crockett would come on, I would run out and start singing, "Gaggie Gaggie Cockett" and dance. I was around 2 years old.
    I played the theme songs for my husband, and we've been humming it ever since. lol


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