Saturday, April 13, 2024


Is it leisure or lazy? 

I did well to have a few posts written early. Now, I am feeling the pressure. My response to pressure is the urge to procrastinate. 

Pictures are always a good save. 

It is a misty day here. I work very hard some days, and I am not talking about writing. It is busting through so many accumulated items. I have a rental car this week and I plan to drive up to my brother's house that I have of yet to get ready to sell. I will carry a bathroom cabinet removed from a bathroom I'm having remodeled. I plan to paint the cabinet and replace the collapsing cabinet in my brother's basement bathroom. 

The reason I have a rental car is I had a car accident about three weeks ago. It has been a humiliating burden. I need to do so much and it has been a hassle. It has been humiliating in that I am the cause of the accident. I hit an expensive Porsche to boot. 

My small garden in the field in front of my house. I need to put many buckets around the garden to water plants when it gets very dry which it will at the end of May. I plan to mow a bit more and put up a dog kennel with a roof to escape the heat this summer and store a few tools and most importantly my chairs and a small portable table. I hope to write a bit out there.

I took this picture to show my apple blossoms. Apples have a hard time in our hot climate. Blight gets the  trees. I remember reading about a fruit called a quince. I found that quince is incredibly susceptible to blight like the pear and apple trees are. The remedy for blight is to cut off the affected portion.

This is my lilac bush. It smells so good. Not one single dog was there when I first took a picture then six showed up. I think I've got some attention hogs.

Lilacs are not native but they are more importantly not invasive. 


  1. Ouch on the car accident. I do hope no-one was hurt.
    Love lilacs but they are taking over parts of my garden.

    1. No one was hurt thankfully. I have to go to court May 20th. I don't know what my fine will be.

  2. A lazy day in the garden is an ideal way to deal with a stressful experience. I'm feeling some pressure as well with the blog posts, since it gets harder as the month progresses. X Y and Z? Not sure what I'm doing there.

    1. I try to catch up on the weekend. I also read a bit then. Somehow I am still on a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 schedule. I thought I was retired.

  3. The dogs are cute; They just want to get into the photo, that's all.
    I like your "small" garden! I wouldn't be able to keep up with anything that big. Lazy vs leisure. At my age, it's leisure, and I enjoy every minute of it. When I am lazy, I find I don't enjoy it. I think I feel guilty about my laziness - and when I am lazy I don't do anything worthwhile, whereas my leisure is always something I want to do even if others may think I'm just being lazy.
    ????? Well I understand it if no one else does. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    1. I get what you are saying. I have to stay busy to be happy. I just wish it was more going to the movies and visiting with people. I'm planting a lot of corn. We don't eat that much. But I think it is really pretty.

  4. I'm very sorry to hear about your car accident - I understand how you feel. I generally view leisure as a choice to do something fun or creative to help balance work and life. Lazy is when I don't feel like doing something I know I should and procrastinate. And those dogs are adorable!

  5. I'm so sorry about your car accident. I know the feeling. Sigh. I've had two accidents and both times... sigh... it was my fault.
    I write my blog posts two weeks in advance because I just can't stand the pressure.


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