Thursday, April 25, 2024


 Vicarious means to live through someone else's life, a movie scene, story.

Vicarious is also the name brand to one Artificial Intelligence company. 

We've all heard the meme where someone says that they want artificial intelligence to do the drudgery type work not the art and literature they long to create. There are rules to literature and language that AI can easily learn and repeat. I haven't read enough AI to have an opinion of it's value. I know that it can process an incredible amount of information.

I see AI like when they broke up the phone monopoly in the United States. It was not that great. We all complained.. Then because we had so many phone companies; it enabled mobile phones to be cheaper and more available. I suspect AI will enhance our lives. I don't know that I will live long enough to witness it. We are really on the cusp of social media's maturing. Social Media has a long way to go. 

I remember in the early 90s, I was not going to bother with a computer. I took a college course and needed to use a computer. I bought a computer. I found myself on the internet via America Online. I tried other companies because there was a toy like dimension to exploring the internet.. I had no business to do on the computer. I cautiously entered chat rooms where the depth of conversation rarely went deeper than I am cooking a frozen pizza.  

One big problem with social media is that it has an algorithm going that encourages you to stay too long. And it is all about making money. Sort of like there are no clocks and that sound that permeates at a casino to keep people playing longer. And it is changing society. 

Today I was told that a young journeyman plumber was told to empty the water lines using the outside faucets. The master plumber wondered why it was taking him a while so he went down stairs to check on the journeyman. And today's lesson was you can release water on the grass, on the pavement, on the shrubbery. You do not have to catch it in a bucket. Experience is only learned through reality. 

The inclination to participate in an online conversation versus looking at your surroundings or making small talk with the company you a challenge. 

I've started leaving my phone in the car when we go to a restaurant. 

Every evening of my life, I have sat down and read. Vicarious is how I spent my evenings. And yes, I carry a book in my purse at all times. I'm always reading at least two books. One book will usually win out and be read more. 



  1. Like you I read every day, frequently neglecting other things to do so. I also almost always have at least two books on the go at once.
    I am a vicarious traveller too.

    1. And when I go to another English speaking country, I go to their bookstore. Preferably a used book store, a well worn book is a good sign. So far it has only been Canada which to most Canadian's chagrin the selection is not that different than my own region.

  2. I always have 2 books going at the same time as well. They're different genres so I can pick up whichever one I'm most in the mood for. How well I remember AOL. It was where I started blogging for the first time. Then it disappeared along with my blog.

  3. I didn't have a computer until around 1999 and I didn't have a cell phone until 3 years ago. I still have my landline phone too.

  4. Interesting that an AI company chose the name Vicarious. I also didn't have a computer until well out of college. I must be decades older than you. I remember our principal first showing me how to use one for school in Illinois.


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