Friday, April 12, 2024


 Kauai is called the Garden Island of Hawaii. Over 70 movies have been filmed on Kauai. On a tour bus, the tour guide would slow the bus down and point to many scenic areas where movies had been filmed. What I  remember most Waimea Canyon. 

OKJaquar Wikimedia Commons

Like all the Hawaiian Islands there were a lot of wild Chickens. The joke is what is more tender after being boiled, a rock or one of these chickens. These pictures of wild Chickens were taken in Fitzgerald, GA. The people in Fitzgerald either love them or hate them. They do not live outside of town. Too many animals think they make a nice meal.

Kauai does not have mongooses. The mongoose was introduced to the Hawaiian islands to eat mice in the the sugar plantations. Like a lot of introductions of exotic species, the mongooses have been a problem and did not cure the rat problem.


  1. Introduced species (us included) often cause a range of significant problems.

  2. Mongooses like snakes and I don't believe there are any of those in Hawaii.

  3. I had never visited Hawaii until we cruised there, but I got sick with bronchitis and only felt well enough to get off for a helicopter tour of Kauai. That was special to me since I have a mystery series, "C'Mon Inn B&B Mysteries", set on Kauai. We even went over the beach area where it was set!

  4. I wonder if anyone brought the mongoose over as pets?

  5. Really? I didn't know Kauai didn't have mongoose. I'll have to ask my cousins on Kauai. What a surprise because we sure do on Oahu. I always love seeing Waimea Canyon too. I'm so glad you had a good time. And yes, chickens, chickens everywhere.


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