Thursday, April 11, 2024


 One of my favorite native plants is Carolina Jessamine. It generously grows everywhere around me. I love the bright yellow blooms which look like Honeysuckle. 

One thing everyone needs to be cautious is that this plant is poisonous. It is not like Honeysuckle in that it's sap is poisonous. It can kill a small child or animal. The sap can be an irritant to your skin. One aspect of the alkaloid nature of the plant is that it is poisonous to the honeybee but not to the native bees. We forget that honeybees were introduced to North America. 

The blooms are just beautiful and short-lived. Every year Jessamine is a harbinger of spring. I have seen Jessamine in full bloom in January. This year, they bloomed in mid-March. We had a good winter this year. There weren't enough hard freezes but the ones we had were at the right time. Sometimes a hard freeze happens towards the end of March which hurts the peach crops. 


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    1. This year it generously rained when they were in full bloom. The next day, the pretty flowers were everywhere on the ground. They were beautiful. No scent.

  2. I think I remember seeing these when I lives in South Carolina. At any rate they are beautiful. I lived in South Carolina when I decided to marry my best friend. Today is our anniversary and my choice for my post today.

  3. I love the picture of the sign with the yellow hair! Makes me smile!

  4. They have pretty little flowers. I like yellows and blues in my yard.


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