Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tornadoes: Everything you should know about Tornadoes but really did not care.

 So I am posting pictures from several years back of damage done by wind shears that were close to being a tornado. We have tornados in the spring when our climate is changing from winter to summer. It is when a cold front comes rumbling through. There are sections of the lower midwest which are known as "tornado alley" in that they get quite a few tornados. We get tornados but not as many as these folks get. Nonetheless, the ones we get can be quite damaging and life threatening. 

One tornado ripped through an area called Sandy Point in the county next to me. The only person thrown from his house was a man who was very drunk at the time. He had no injuries. He was just tossed from his house to the woods behind his home.

I had a neighbor call me about the tornado in Fort Valley. I was on my cellphone walking my dogs and told her there was no tornados, no rain, somebody was mixed up. There was a tornado about four miles as the crow flies. It completely demolished a bank and only the vault was left standing. That system just whizzed beside the calm overcast sky over my home.

Another nearby tornado blew a woman's home off it's foundation. I understand she broke her ankles which I am sure was very painful. She sat in her bathtub during the storm for safety. The bathtub was tossed with the home. I noticed she did not rebuild. 

As you can tell a lot of damage occurs from the felling of large trees due to high winds and saturated soils.


  1. Nature is incredibly powerful. Something we too often forget.

  2. this tornado story is scary my friend

  3. We don't get tornadoes often here, but they do happen. Crazy the kind of damage they can do.

  4. I grew up with tornado warnings happening regularly. They don't scare me but I don't care to chase them either.

  5. We live in rural middle Tennessee and we've had to take shelter three times for tornado warnings. That's been a first for me. We've had bad winds, in fact, had to replace our roof last year. But no tornadoes. There have been several close to us and a devastating one in a neighboring town where we shop.

  6. Holy moley! We used to get tornado warnings when we lived in the Chicagoland area, BUT thank goodness never had to experience one. We used to do drills with our students though. We'd take them to the basement gym, away from windows and learn to cover their heads and faces.


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