Monday, April 22, 2024


 I made a run to the dollar tree. I did not want to pull anything out and get started on any project inside my home. It was too hot to garden. Getting out of the car, I need to find the restroom.. The seeds they had were just some generic flower seeds that I already had. I wanted watermelon seeds. .So I am prowling the store to find something to buy. I used their restroom.

I could use a bucket. Meh, the bucket they had was $5 and a loser of a bucket. I don't want an oval bucket with sharp points on the two ends. I think I will look for more seeds. Surely they would have more than the paltry offering in their gardening area. They have a small section of books. 

So I give the excuse in my mind to look over the books to see what get sold at the General Dollar Store. This from a woman who is going to the huge used book sale to buy books I may never read. I mean if I read non-stop for the rest of my life, I still would not finish my tbr pile.

And I spy a book by Louise Erdrich named Future Home of the Living God. I've wanted to read one of Louise Erdrich books. She has written so many. I inspected the book on Amazon and couldn't find it. Then I googled it. I could just read the dang book. Anyway, I bought it for $3. 

I have a feeling the novel is going to be like a play like Kenny Leon would pick for the Alliance Theatre. The plays could be a bit tedious and intense and dang if you did not think of the play for days even years afterward. My favorite play was Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel. Later a movie was made from the play. I've seen the movie several times.  

There is a blog that is telling a story that I plan to read in it's entirety.  Actually there are several blogs having a serialized story as their A to Z blog. The one I know I will read is I've made my own spreadsheet of the blogs listed for A to Z and writing a crib note about each one. I want to visit all of the blogs. I'm not doing a very good job. 

I'm one to read several blog posts of any blog on one day and move on to another blog to read the next night. I've somehow become a lurker with blogs.. And you know, some blogs don't have a place to comment. Or I have become too dumb to figure out how to comment. Sometimes the link to comment is a little sneaky. I sent a message to D A Cairns in I never figured out how to comment. 

You're probably wondering where I am going with this post. Well I am too.

I was going to write about Jack tales with the letter J and I found I already had a J written. So I would tell the Jack tales in a post about stories. My dad's name was Jack. So it all made sense. Maybe. I warned in my theme reveal there would be some rambling.

Well I'll give you a few more blogs I think you will enjoy.

Elephant's child posts beautiful pictures and offers a link up to other who post photos. I enjoy her photos of Australia with the brilliantly colorful birds. This blogger is very kind with visiting and commenting. I read her comment on another blog and was touched with her kindness and observation of a detail. 

Debby is my sister from California. We aren't actually sisters but I enjoy her blogs. She had one called Have a Cup of Coffee with me or a similar title. Then she got attacked by trolls. And went to two of her other blogs. For A to Z, Debby is posting on her genealogy blog.I like history especially little real stories. I found myself getting worked up over how a 2nd great grandfather did my 2nd great grandmother dirty. That is two of the sixteen great grandparents mind you. Carrying 1/16 of their genetic material theoretically is not an especially close relation. Debby's blog is

Another blogger lives in Hawaii and we are both retired teachers. So that makes us cousins. Her husband was in the military and they are a well traveled couple due to his career and their obvious love of travel.

Carla Jones Gowan has been kind enough to visit my blog during A to Z. She is a lovely writer and I have enjoyed reading about her travels with her son in Chile and Peru. I love South America. I could easily move to a slow boat to China. Except they would not let me have my dogs and some imperial cats that own me. I went to Peru once and that is where I learned if I ever go to another country, I would like to return to South America.

I'm always flattered when a real writer visits my blog. Two of them have had interesting A to Z blogs about villains and the like. One is Another one is I don't think illusions of chaos has been by but I have enjoyed their posts. 

This blog is not doing A to Z but I love the slice of life in her posts. 

Well the font has changed on it's on. I guess that means this post is long enough. 

And I got an Elmore Leonard book to read. 

Cedar Creek between Irwin and Wilcox County Georgia USA


  1. Thank you for the heads up.
    I hear you on having more books to read than is possible - and still getting more.

  2. Hey, thank you for the mention. I appreciate it. Visiting all the a-to-z is tough, especially if you visit someone more than once because they are fun and interesting. At over 200 bloggers, it comes to 8 visits per day (not counting Sundays). I fell horribly behind during tax season, and now I am fighting the guilty feeling of not visiting more and dealing with all the other things in my life I need to catch up on not to feel guilty. The A-to-Z suffers. I hope the book you found is worth the distraction during the heat.

  3. Good decision buying that Elmore Leonard book. He's one of my favorites. Thanks for mentioning my blog, and also these others that I plan to check out. My goal for this challenge beyond my own posts is to find new blogs to read and enjoy. I've added a few but am always looking for more who write in an interesting way about topics I can relate to.

  4. Thank you so much for the shoutout for my blog. I like finding new blogs to follow so thanks for the recommendations.


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