Saturday, April 20, 2024


 As an  American, the British royalty is not my business.

Why do Amerians like the British royalty? For me it is that it still exists. I love a bit of history. 

I am clearly descended from the British Isles based on my DNA  The story was one of my grandfather was German. In the 1940 census, he is recorded as being born in Germany. Dna linked me to his youngest sister Minnie who married a Revels. My grandfather served in the Spanish American War and was an ambulance driver in World War I. When my brother enlisted, our grandfather's military record was viewed by my brother and father. 

My father was a World War II veteran. My father got separated from his unit and was part of British Army for awhile. 

What I learned was my grandfather had colonial roots just like my other three grandparents. There was some German but it was several generations back. The native American in my family probably came from this grandfather in that I think one of his great grandmothers was either a Lumbee or Cherokee. Most likely, she was Lumbee. This so called German grandfather was mostly English.

Although I consider myself American and definitely not English. I suspect the fact that I am a lifelong Anglophile has a lot to do with my ancestry. My mother toured England with the Methodist church. She said it seemed so familiar although it was definitely a different country. The sight that amused her the most was the man carrying a butchered pig across his back in a market. 

If I were English, I would not be a royalist. The entire class system in England is quite tragic to me. I say that as a hypocrite of course. We have a class system in the United States which has benefited me. The chief benefit is I have a college education which was not considered important for many of my classmates when I graduated high school. 

I'm writing this as the whole saga of Princess Catherine has not unfolded. The worst part of royalty is it is not everyone's damn business what sort of surgery she has had. It is that Sword of Pericles which is the greatest burden of the Royal family. .

During King Charles coronation, it was amusing how they reported what lip readers saw people saying. I've bought the book "Spare" by Prince Harry. I haven't read it. So many books, so little time. I'm proud of Harry and Meghan building their own life. The British tabloid press is merciless. It takes a lot of guts to walk away from a untenable situation. 

I imagine King Charles and Prince Harry have the same relationship father and sons have all over the world. Dad wants Harry to live his life a particular way and Harry sees a different path that Dad may or may not understand.

My dad's mom wanted him to keep his civilian job on RAFB and move back to some of her property and farm. My father did not think it was a good idea. Dad worked side jobs as a car mechanic to bring a little extra home.  As my dad got older, he realized his mom's idea was not that bad. 

My dad wanted me to be a dentist. I knew it was going to be slim chance that I got in Dental College. I was never able to tell him I was pursuing a difficult career choice. When I entered college, the auditorium that held 300 was packed with pre-med, pre-dental majors. I was standing on the back wall. Of all those young people, 8 of us graduated with the degree. Three were admitted to Med School. 

I would have liked to have been a doctor. Frankly, I did not have the sophistication. My people skills would have made me a great doctor. My ability to empathize with people would have destroyed me with having to accept, deliver and witness what could not be changed. Teaching was a more suitable career although I was a square peg in a round hole my entire career. 

So yes, I do have a lot of sympathy for people living in a gilded cage. It is hard enough to navigate life but it is too hard to have your life torn to bits and examined and then opinionated about by whoever can write the jolliest garbage.  

I really don't think I would enjoy living the life they have. 


  1. I don't envy anyone living in a gold fish bowl - but have very little interest in the Royal Family despite my mother being British.

  2. I sure enjoy your ramblings! I hope you continue after the challenge is over. I'm mildly curious about the royal family. I can see why British folks would be but don't understand the American fascination.


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