Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Aloe Vera

I took these pictures while my brother was at the Shands hospital in Gainesville Florida last year. I had never seen Aloe plants growing outside much less blooming. I'm afraid I am more of an outdoor plant person. Plants that make it outside sort of fend for themselves in my yard. I do water more than I did in the past and that does help immensely. I planted several Chinese Chestnuts which have finally started to grow taller than I and one was covered in catkins last year. No nuts were produced.

I had a friend to post pictures of her Aloe plant blooming that she had planted in her yard. I was surprised in that she lives in Cordele, GA which is about 100 miles due South of me. Hers did not look as robust as these plants. I understand that South Texas and Mexico grow most of the Aloe today. They are tropical and semi-tropical, dry climates. One problem with Aloe is too much water will make the plant rot. Aloe is native to the Arabian desert.

The Aloe you get in products is not edible. The additives are not edible. But people do eat the juice. I have no interest in that or recommending that anyone does so. I'm cautious about health nut kicks. So do your research. 

I do keep an Aloe plant. The juice prevents fire ant bites from becoming infected and causing a small sore. At the nail salon, the Epson salts they add to the water also minimize fire ant bites.

This month, I will be writing "About The House". When I got the idea, I thought, I'll write some funny things. Funny thing is, I should have written when the jokes were coming to mind. My father always cracked jokes when things were very serious to lighten the mood. So hopefully, I'll be more glib in future posts. We all need to work on our attitude and staying home during this Covid crisis. I hope you and your family and your friends stay well during this time. It's a storm for sure.

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  1. Lovely plants. I have an Aloe Vera indoor, the one you can eat, with yellow flowers. It comes from Canarias Islands, where they grow everywhere (well, maybe not everywhere, but there are a lot!)

    A = Art Déco

  2. I have never seen an aloe vera bloom. What an beautiful flower they produce. Thank you - and have fun with the A-Z, which my lazy self will not attempt.

  3. I've only seen tiny plants. I guess put it outside and it really grows.

  4. I know that aloe has skin healing properties. I also enjoy outdoor plants more than indoor ones. Nice picture! I found you through the comment you left on my blog.

  5. Very pretty plant! I don't know much about them so I learned some new facts today! Have fun with the challenge!


  6. I love aloes, something that I took for granted living in Africa now I miss them, Have a good weekend and stay safe. Diane

  7. I wouldn't have a yard without an Aloe Vera plant. The juice is incredibly effective on burns. I know this after staying out on a boat way too long one summer ;-)


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