Thursday, April 2, 2020

Homemade Bottled Water

Homemade Bottled Water
I purchase bottled water for a sister of mine who is handicapped. She has difficulty using her sink and likes her water cold from the refrigerator. Otherwise, I'm not too keen on bottled water unless you live somewhere like Flint. Michigan that had tainted water five years ago.

Today Flint Michigan has one of the more monitored water supplies. They do recommend you use water filters which is not a bad idea for anyone who uses any municipal water supply. Because, you really don't know how reliable your water supply is. Most bottled water comes from a tap. In the end you are dependent on other humans being able to do the right thing. More Info about Flint, Michigan water.

In my hometown, the water got a little funky in the 80's. They discovered a guy was drinking on the job and as a result, he was over treating the water with chlorine?. I can't remember the exact story but I do remember it was due to human fallibility. When I lived in East Point. GA, I remember the water was really good. They got their water from Sweetwater Creek which was in the next county over.

I have well water. It damages the water fixtures in the sinks, showers of my home. But it is good. I had a man pouring gas on fire ants near my septic tank which is frustrating. He wants to know "what?". And I am thinking, why do I have to explain to him that he is tainting my well water. Ignorance is expensive.

Admire my homemade bottled water. I don't know why this Covid crisis has me doing this. I keep water outside for the wild animals. It works well to flush toilets. I have some containers near my home for my pets. And of course we got water in the house. But my dogs like muddy water the best. But if we lose electricity, we got some drinking water. Every night I load the water in the coffee maker. Coffee is the most important meal of the day for me.

Be careful. Stay home and maybe this crisis will pass soon.


  1. Clever with your use of water. I know we have hard water here with lots of calcium in it. I think that is what it is. It makes a white line around the pool edge which makes us have to drain the pool every 3 to 4 years. Seems like such a waste if water. It is a precious commodity!


  2. Our city water is pretty good - for which I am thankful.
    I do worry about using drinking water to flush the toilet - it seems so wasteful when so much of the world doesn't have access to clean water.

  3. We take our own water to the cabin because the mountain tap water does taste musty. Then again, we take water all around when we're in the desert too. Coffee time is my favorite time of day!


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