Friday, April 10, 2020

Imagine or Irony maybe Iridescent

Imagine or Irony and I like Iridescent too. I have not had a relevant brainwave on "I" today. Usually when I mow grass, something will pop in my mind. Well nothing, nada. Oh I have had an ironic moment thought today. But that is a bit personal. So I will post a few pictures and maybe J will be more productive.

My grandfather, Ben Bennett. He was a soldier in the Spanish American War and an ambulance driver during WW1

My great grandfather David Stephen McDuffie


  1. Great pictures you posted! It is therapeutic mowing the grass. I haven't done it in years but always enjoyed it when I did it in Montana in the middle of summer in 105 degree heat. I'm not sure I got inspired but I certainly finished the mowing and then enjoyed the treat I assigned to it. An ice cream treat from Dairy Queen. If I got the virus, which I hope I don't, I have an irony about it. Looking forward to your J.


  2. Thank you so much for these photos.
    I do envy you having photos of your forbears. I have none, and never knew any of them.

  3. The buds are pretty. What are they?

  4. I always enjoy looking at old vintage photos - even if they are not my family. Just so neat to look at people back then. I need to get back into my genealogy.

  5. Those pictures are awesome, Ann! The old ones are amazingly well-preserved.


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