Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Gardening by the Moon

Culturally, everyone were Freewill Baptist in Georgia. We are Anabaptist who are the English speaking version of Hutterites, Amish and Mennonites. We were run out of England much like the Quakers. I was surprised when I did my family history and found so many Quakers. But it makes sense. I enjoy everyone's family history. It is the wee fragments of history that I enjoy the most.

This is a point to consider when I say I follow a widespread practice of folklore. You do not plant during a Full Moon or New Moon. You plant root crops when the full moon is waning to a new moon and you plant above ground crops when the new moon is waxing to a full moon.

I'm behind with my garden. April 7th was the last day to plant above ground plants until April 22nd. I can still transplant those plants I started indoors and those I purchased before the social distancing went into effect. Yes, I have tomato plants I purchased around March 12th that need to get into the ground. Not many, but a few of them. I need to dig through the potatoes for those that are sprouting to plant a few potatoes. I've got a fine crop of English peas growing along one of my fences.

I've got a Victory Garden this year. The bit of extra time at home has allowed me to work more in my yard. With the rain and warmth, the grass is now close to being out of control. So the best of my garden is planted. I did want to plant some corn. I can see myself with lots and lots or corn chasing people down to give them a few ears, a variant of the person with an over supply of zucchini. Since I don't like zucchini, I grow yellow squash.

This is a portion of one of my flower beds. It is never well manicured but the plants don't care.


  1. My partner liked things planted in regimented rows. I don't. We have reached a compromise. He plants his rows - and I come along afterward and plant things in front of his rows, behind them and between them. They are still there - but I can't see them.

  2. I like the small histories too! All the very best for the A-Z.

  3. I don't like either zucchini or yellow squash, so you can chase me with corn.

  4. How fun with the victory garden. Makes me think of stories my mom told about the gardens during WW2. I didn't realize there was a time to plant and a time not to plant, but the Bible does mention that now that I think of it. Fascinating!


  5. Wow. I didn't know you shouldn't plant during a full moon. Do English peas taste the same as , say, Del Monte? I was going to say "American" but I have no idea where canned peas come from ;-)
    I like the name "Victory Garden" I admit to feeling a bit victorious when I finally threw out the plant that refused to survive no matter what I did. Your pictures are so compelling.


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