Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Quark, Querk, Quirk

Interesting how one vowel can change the meaning of a word.

A Quark is a subatomic particle that makes up protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of an atom. Protons and neutrons are composite subatomic particles in that they are made up of a combination of up Quarks and down Quarks.

Interesting enough, electrons a negligible mass compared to protons and neutrons. An electron is a lepton

Standard Model of Elementary Particles
Photons are particles of light and move as a wave and as particles. Photons can be proven to energy, proven to be matter but never proven to be matter and energy which is cool as all get out to me.


According to Merriam Webster this is a variant of Quirk. Online dictionaries say it means to throttle, choke or to become very angry.

What it doesn't mean is Twirk. I thought that was what the word meant. So Miley Cyrus is not known for Querking but for Twirking.


But Miley Cyrus is known for her Quirks. I've often wondered what was put on for publicity and what was real. I have never cared for the big tongue thing. But I see so many who get their picture taken with their tongue out. I can think of better ways to be immortalized.

A quirk can be facial expressions with involve raising and lowering your eyebrows.

A quirk can be something unique about an individual.


  1. I learned something new today again :) I didn't know what a quark or querk were!


  2. I don't think of any celebrity as being terribly quirky (like you I wonder how much is put on for effect).
    That said true quirkiness is something I welcome.

  3. I was taught not to stick out your tongue lest someone wrap it around a tree. Not attractive anyway. I figure stainless steel should not have stains, therefore I wipe down my sink after washing dishes. Is that a quirk? Happy day!


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