Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Why do weenee dogs look like they need a uniform and medals?
I know its January; but the temperature is just right. I'm getting in shape for a 5K. My goal is to actually just walk them. At my age group there is a possibility of winning if I could run or jog a wee bit. There isn't as much competition.

There is a chick there who I know is approaching 80 who can outwalk anyone there. I know. She walks right past me repeatedly. Last year she and a chubby gal about thirty would walk past me repeatedly. I would run occasionally. It is always a very cold day in January with the Museum of Aviation run.

I was ahead of the chubby chick approaching the finish line but she got a spurt on to pass me. I felt like putting a little jog on to beat her. The older chick was slightly ahead of me strolling.  How could I take the race from someone who wanted to win.  Besides, we were so far behind the leaders of the pack.

We did complete the race in 44 minutes. My goal this year is 38 minutes. One thing I have discovered about running is that it is not that demanding on your lungs. It is hard on your muscles. Being 56, it has been a long time since I hopped, skipped and ran to get anywhere.

I also have to give a few minutes for the aspirin to kick in this morning. I have strained my back or did something. More reason to walk those three miles. If I could drop some weight, my back would not be complaining as badly.

This morning, I read a headline that said "Obese do not understand the dangers of being overweight."

Do you ever just think, "WHAT?"

I need to go back and read the article because I'm sure there is something intelligent there. How else would someone use that headline when every bit of media harangues people for having normal body sizes. I'm talking about the photoshopped pictures of incredibly small waists, larger breasts and butts on bobble headed bodies used to sell products.

I think overweight folks know. Its just hard to escape millions of years of evolution that attracts you to eat fat and sugar. An evolutionary history that meant being able to survive a year of starvation meant hardier genes passed on to the next generation.

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