Friday, January 11, 2013

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I'm learning much about writing by doing my blogs. One thing is I'm finding what holds an audience. Anytime I write something funny or short, I have more views. If I write something deadly serious, man my views drop. I have a deadly serious blog were I do those posts. Very few visitors. One blog post people view consistently is the one that follows.

What is the difference between an American poodle and a French poodle? I want you to chip in with possible answers. I'll give a few of my own. By the way, I own both these lovely dogs.

Muffin - American Poodle
Muffin is the American poodle. When I took her to the vet, no one in the office would hazard a guess as to what she was. They would say she has some terrier because of the cowlick between her eyes.

 My present veterinarian looked at her and said, I believe this girl might be part poodle.
After he said that, you could see the poodle in her. Even Muffin began to walk a little taller.

What is special about Muffin is that I have had two different people to ask me if I would give her to them.

Frankie - Pureblood French Poodle
Frankie is pure poodle. I never got papers for him because I bought him for a pet in a yardsale. I could have filed for papers but there is something about owning a dog with a better pedigree than yourself. lol Anyway, Frank does not have the papers. I do have his birth certificate so to speak.

He's been my love for over 15 years. He will be 16 on April 14th. I was lying on the ground because my back hurt from bending and picking up pecans. For a brief moment, I didn't know if I was going to be able to get back up. My back had a catch. I had Frank and a 6 month old Chihuahua mix named Daisy there. Daisy was ready for the party. Frank knew I was in trouble.

Long story short, I got up just fine. It's just that bond you can have with an animal companion you've owned a long time.

Possible answers to the question:
French poodle has papers and American poodle has poodle somewhere.

Help me out folks. Frank will tell you he is a Redneck poodle from Georgia. He don't claim his French ancestry.

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