Monday, January 7, 2013

Catholics versus Cousins

Some Notre Dame students are sporting t-shirts with the phrase Catholics versus Cousins in reference to the Southern stereotype of being inbred to show their allegiance to their school in its game against Alabama.

What I ask, how does a good Catholic rationalize hate speech.

We think of hate speech being only used against minorities. But hate speech is whenever someone denigrates another individual as disposable.

Hate speech also widens the divide between people who are of different ethnicity. Quite a few students at "bama" are Catholics. How does that educate Protestant youth who attend Alabama? We like people more who like us. We dislike people who disrespect us.

I know the mature, faith based folks at Notre Dame are embarrassed that students have basically "thrown their pearls before swine." I'm sure some old man says, "we're only joking". What school yard kid doesn't say that when they cross the line.

For the students, that translates to "thrown your religion into the mud of game day frivolity". You're very lucky your parents saw to it you got a faith based education. Don't confuse that with the bravado of sports. Sporting that slogan says more about you than the school rivalry. I'm sure if you put your "thinking cap" on you can think of a better slogan.

Addendum: My brother told me I got too bent out of shape on this. It's just team rivalry. Maybe I have made a mountain out of molehill. It wouldn't be the first time. However, I still don't like the shirt.

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