Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Deep Thoughts

I have time to think during the day that I haven't had before. I can waste time and procrastinate with the best but there is the little voice in me that likes to make every moment count.

Banyan tree, Lahaina, Mau'i, Hawaii, USA
I listen to NPR when I take my brother back and forth to Happy Hour Workshop which is about 3 hours of my day. They usually have something that informs you about the world, politics and life in general. Sometimes it is poppycock but even that can give rise to thought.

I really don't have a problem with writer's block. Typing into the faceless computer screen is my escape everyday. When I pack up this post, I'll be moping the floors. After a little household cleaner use in the bathrooms, I am going to get the pecans I've gathered to sell. I'm hoping it will cover at least half of the vet bill I will be paying tomorrow.

My three darling Chihuahua mix puppies are being spayed. It's a miserable day for all involved but not as miserable as handling a dog in heat and a multitude of puppies that no one wants.

Originally this blog was going to be something funny about getting older. A young man who is clearly deep in his thirties asked me his age yesterday. I told him. His actual age was much younger. I'm pretty good at this so I'm sure he shaved off 5 to 8 years.

A friend of mine's son tells people he is 28. I know for a fact that he is more like 38. What is it with these men not wanting to give their age?

Men have a honeymoon with crow's feet and graying at the temples being nice looking. It is not until they are in their late 50's the rug gets pulled from under them and the fact that men biologically do not age as well as women shows up.

Women can look dowdy at 25 with extra weight and look older than their husband for years. Late in life men need a woman more than a woman needs a man.

There will be a short story from yesterday's encounter. It's just the jest of what I could have said and then some. The tentative title is "The Customer from Hell."

Usually when I clean or do water aerobics, I try to develop a story for what I am writing. Today my thoughts will be more nobler. I'll be praying that a little girl named Sarah. I'll be praying for her surgery to go well and for her family. Her father was wise enough to ask for good wishes for his daughter.

There is something very solemn and knowing in the innocence of a child's face when faced with a serious illness. Love and people you have in your life is what matters most. Getting older is a gift.

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