Thursday, January 10, 2013


If something doesn't enliven the passions, it probably won't get done. Much like people chained in a ship's galley forced to row in fear of the whip.

When I worked at a bank in a wholesale lockbox, I opened perhaps 500 to 2000 pieces of mail each day. There were some interesting aspects. Checks occasionally in the millions crossed your desk and there was always a cent amount enumerated. You would think a check for 12.5 million would not need the 62 483.26 to be as effective. But it was always there nonetheless.

One day in the quiet of my cubicle, one of my co-workers was jumping up and down shouting, it's a 1 million dollar check. It's just a shame the check wasn't for her with all that enthusiasm. We also knew a major airline was filing bankruptcy in the early 1990's before it was in the news.

I remember my dad telling my sister how to talk to a teacher about not being able to participate in a PE class in college due to a hurt back. My sister was older than the average co-ed. The words are lost to me but the gist was. I'm not a snot-nosed kid who needs to be taught a lesson; I'm an adult and I shouldn't have to jump through hoops and not be able to graduate for not being able to play tennis this week.

This made me think of a hot discussion I followed on Facebook. An argument can be quite entertaining if its harmless and its not you being attacked.

Its an argument as old as time. Two people who have just hit thirty are trying to explain the rules of life. This idea gets more comical as people get older and downright tragic and irritating when they get old. Questioning myself started early for me due to the fact I thought I was grown in seventh grade. I can be hard-headed but I strive to be humble.

One end of the argument is in their early forties. They've invested much into being an actor. They are very good at it. You know how hard it is for an actor who hits the big time to keep the momentum after four or five years. Imagine someone who is good that has never gotten the opportunity to be paid really well and garner the respect they deserve.

Then enter, stage right a pair of earnest actors with the idea that all their hard work and frank verbiage will get them there.  We live in a society of heated opinions being so oppressive and most of us keep our mouth shut out of practicality. They are not entirely at fault. Constant exposure to this societal flaw and people make big decisions using this practice.

Whether these two ever make a living at acting will happen whether they blast these opinions loudly or not at all. The entertainment industry is so big and diverse, it is truly Darwinian what will be a success. We have so much to choose from and so many of us are addicted to cat videos on youtube.

You dang right I agreed with the forty something. He is right. People can pay to get where they are. If you are an actor, you can pay for a good screenplay and a crew to make a film. Now if any one of those links are poor, you can guess the rest. This is why so many children of actors have successful careers. They probably were born with the talent and means to make it happen. This is why Paris Hilton is no longer in the news. However, Paris Hilton did well for awhile.

I always like the quote, "Once I learned all the answers to life's questions, they changed the questions."

An Elvis movie title also comes to mind, "Easy come, easy go."

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