Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can you see what I see?

My mind is clouded today with point of view.

I take care of my mother and two handicapped siblings. I really get frustrated with their demands. The worst part is when I lay the law down on one of my two siblings, my mother overrules. Its that slippery slope when you take care of an elderly parent compounded with two mentally handicapped individuals who do need some expectations.

A piece of me thinks of putting them in group homes and assisted living. However, I am still not at my wits end. Secondly, who do you know has really lived a better life for shirking their responsibilities. I also care for each of these individuals.

My sister's depression has lifted tremendously taking care of Checkers and her half grown puppies. There is a satisfaction with seeing someone happy that can't be replaced. My life might be easier without them. But I know it will not be as rich.

I judged a science fair the past two days. Its nice to get out with other people. Having some conversation. I flagged one project for an overall prize. It was one of those rare projects, done by the student, written by the student, the science was solid and it was presented well. When I interviewed the student, I was impressed.

The second day judge who looked over the first place winners in our section did not choose the project to go the state science fair much less for an overall prize. He was skeptical of what I thought.

What I really thought was that's how it goes. Things are chosen based on merits. But it really boils down to perception in many cases.

We all have that fine line when working with other people. When do we strike out and believe in our own convictions and when do we suck it up and go with the flow. In essence, Hamlet's quote, "To be or not to be."

A punchline for a teacher joke is my mantra at times. I am the adult. I am the adult. I am the adult.

I hope everyone is having a great day.

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