Friday, June 21, 2013

Ambient blog posts rule

I know that doesn't make sense. But it does to me. There are some blog posts that consistently get steady hits everyday no matter what. I am such small potatoes that I check my stats regular and know which posts get attention. I even know when I hit the publish button how popular they will be.

Anyway, the ambient are outdoing whatever I have posted for quite a few days. I have a science education blog which I haven't posted in quite awhile. What works, works. Even during the summer, the activity posts are being consulted. I will start back in July consistently posting on that blog. I broke a computer and jumpdrive with my activities. I have them on a back-up CD and of course a hardcopy. When I find the CD or pull the data off the hard drive of the broken computer, or find a jump drive with the information, I'll be much more consistent.

Well this blog is supposed to be about my dogs and McDonalds or fast food in general. I'm working on it. As fortune would have it, the computer I am working on is malfunctioning. It has been for awhile except it is with the on/off button. It no longer charges the battery and the connection shuts down quickly.

My mother is doing well. I got a flea on me today. It has been a terrible year for fleas. I have treated all my dogs repeatedly. I plan to give the chi chis a trifexis tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we can get a break soon. My mothers two little babies stay with her as soon as they get back in the house. I would like to ban them from her room for awhile. Instead, I am washing a quilt cover for a chair tonight and plan to rewash everything in the morning for her.

One thing fun is a mother redbird has built a nest in the althea I planted near the kitchen window. Hopefully, we will have a large family soon.

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