Sunday, June 9, 2013

Holiday from political snark.

Well since it has been announced about the NSA monitoring of activity on the internet and cellphone. All those snarky political commentaries have disappeared from my Facebook feed.

You can think what you want politically. The manipulation of people with put downs concerns me. I read one several months ago that called the president a liar, communist and other things Americans do not like. Reading to the end, there were no examples. Just accusations without substance.

Now if someone wants to say healthcare reform costs too much and we are in danger of creating an entitlement mindset. Well, I can follow your logic.

Healthcare reform is too little too late. I know there are bums and parasites in this world. There are also people who need help and you shouldn't allow them to stop you from helping them. My sister has schizophrenia. The law and healthcare system treat these people poorly.

The real shame about mental illness is that if they applied all the fever they do in finding a cure for AIDS, cancer or heart disease, there is probably a diagnosis and cure for schizophrenia. It's just that these people don't have a voice. Plus, the disease is so devastating it can destroy a family.

My sister takes a much better medication today. The stigma and the early onset of her disease has been devastating for her to live a full life. I am tapping at a computer keyboard instead of standing in front of a classroom working because of her illness.

When you live with a disease like schizophrenia, you recognize it as a brain malfunction. I see dementia like characteristics in my sister. People with dementia get paranoid. A friend of mine said, "You get a lot of money from the government." I get $550 a month and best of all healthcare in the form of medicare for my sister. I give her $200 a month in spending money. I would easily pay someone $350 a month to provide my sister her own room, bathroom, social activities, food, vet bills for her dog.

I don't miss the negative arguments on Facebook. I scrolled by most. What bothered me was these were very nice people who posted them. One I know would give you the shirt off his back.

I don't judge people by their politics. None of us have a crystal ball telling us what the best course of action will be. I just pray for the president and people in congress. I recognize that they may make decisions that I don't understand that may be good for us all.

Its the twisting that concerns me. Saxby Chambliss made a mistake about rapes in the military. He should have said rape was wrong to clarify his position. But he did make a cogent point. You have young men between 18 and 25 making up the bulk of airmen. They have a strong sex drive and you combine that with the mobilization of troops, the boys all need a wife. It increases the possibility of a young males desires overruling his judgement with knowing whether a woman really means no.

And women have another problem. We need a cultural shift where a woman who has sex outside of marriage is not called a whore. Then no doesn't mean a maybe sometimes. A woman can go to combat but has to be coy about having sex.

The gist is that the problems in this world are complex with no easy answers. I worked for a principal one time who all the teacher's despised. What I learned from that was, people need to work together. He hated the teachers, they hated him. It was a piss poor situation.

I know those Facebook comments will return. I'm just going to savor the hiatus. Cheers.

Anyway, this page on facebook looks interesting.         Save the Hunt House - American History.

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