Saturday, June 8, 2013

The TEDx tryout came and went. I almost did not go. That insecurity that my story would be insignificant and overdone loomed over me. 

I listened to the others. We all got soapboxes is all I got to say. My spiel could have been a wee more academic but the ham took over. Laughter is a terrible encouragement for me. What can I say? Feeling good is great.

The good looking, late twenties guy liked me. The woman didn’t. Was the problem me, the dearth of talent or did she take a dislike for me. I come from the great unwashed and it glitters at time. 

I would hazard how well the conference turns out affects how she perceives her career. I recognize a piece of myself when I was young.  Life is a series of events. Showing up is the big part.

The TEDx is scheduled for June 22nd. They said it was probably going to be rescheduled for July, which would be a great idea. They really need to advertise. I will go picked or not. I get so much writing material from speakers. They pique my curiosity and before I know it, a character is born.

I’ve got to get my jeans and long sleeve cotton top on. There is a row farm that lets you pick anything in a 5 gallon bucket for $10. One bucket will have purple hull peas. The next bucket will have Okra. The third bucket will be a mix of squash and whatever strikes my fancy. Lots of prepping, freezing and good eating going to happen this week. You know word grammar doesn’t jive with Southern speech.

Happy Saturday, it rained last night. The grass is high and the tomato plants even higher. We are blessed.

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