Sunday, June 16, 2013

There is never enough time and the corn is green.

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. I remember two elderly women talking about their parent's passing when I was young. There comment stayed with me. You never have a friend like your parents. I know this is not true for everyone but I wish it was. I had wonderful parents, not perfect but wonderful all the same.

There is never enough time. I feel lucky this weekend; we got a little more time with my mother. She had developed an infection in one of her legs. We thought we were doing a good job controlling her diabetes. She often complained about her blood sugar dropping low.

I am diabetic too. I monitor my sugar haphazardly. I am bad to eat bananas or too much watermelon and then go push the lawnmower. My mother’s arthritis prevents her from strenuous activity.  Unfortunately, my mom’s diabetes has gotten worse and she will probably be using insulin.

She had gotten a tick bite. Then, a flea had gotten on her leg and bounced about. What started as a stomach virus escalated into an infection in her right leg.  Fortunately, antibiotics will clear the problem.

 Frankly, I thought I was going to lose my mother Friday. She was declining rapidly. I was going to massage her leg that morning and she had a knot that looked like a swollen insect bite. It had turned angry and red by the time we got to the doctor.

Before leaving the house, she asked me if we could just wait until Monday.   If we had waited, she would have been in the ER the next day and at the least have lost a leg. My youngest sister took over for me Friday night. I woke all night. My mother’s appetite and color was better before I left the hospital. It was that nagging worry if this was the end.

We have dogs, which we intend to keep. I just have to get more vigilant in flea and tick preventatives on them. When her two seven pound wonders come in, they do a racy sashay down the hallway to my mother’s bedroom.  I’ll start closing her door and pick them up for a quick wash. Her little dog Daisy lets me know, I am the help.  Oh dear, I can see her going for sympathy after her bath. The Chihuahua in her can really tremble.

My mom has three comfortable chairs in her bedroom. Each dog has laid claim to one. If you sit in Daisy’s, she will stretch her legs to push you. Yoda will snuggle up. Both girls have been sleeping in their chairs. My sister tucks them in. Life is good. Their owner will be home in about four days.

This is sorghum

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