Friday, June 7, 2013


Today is the day to pitch a talk in Macon, GA. Most of the local talks last year were terrific. One guy did ramble. At a writer's conference, the ramblers were amazing. My favorite was the book agent who rambled and talked like little bells that went higher at the end of each sentence.

Which brings me back to Earth, what are they going to think of my five minutes of spiel. The official talk should only last 15 minutes. I would wind mine up at 11 minutes. Give folks a chance to run to the restroom, talk to their neighbor between talks. It's rare anyone complains about a talk being too short.

Why do I even want to do this? I want that confidence to speak in front of people.

Storytelling been discussed so many different ways. It's just that I have fixated on the power of stories in our lives and how they help us relate to the world. Life is difficult and stories help us navigate.

A newsfeed announced Beyonce was pregnant. I'm lucky to know who sings what on the radio.

How often have you heard the adage that assume makes an ass out of U and ME. I don't think it translates into another language.

The following story defines the problem of making an assumption.

A woman always cut the end of a ham off before she put it in the pot to cook. Her daughter asked why. 
She said, "I don't know, I'll call mom." 
"Mom, why do we cut the end off the ham?" 
"Ummm, mom always did. I know the end is always fine. We cook it in beans or greens every time. I'll ask your grandmother when she is finished napping." 
"Did you have a good nap mom?" 
"I remember when I could work all day. 
"Mom, I'm curious, why do we cut the end off the ham? 
"To get it in the pot."

What goes around, comes around.

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