Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hazards of a teaching career.


Bubblegum, beside from blowing humongous bubbles and chewing the sweet flavor out of the gum as a child, I do not chew gum. Ironic, my mother chews gum.

The first year I taught school, students could not wear hats. The assistant principal walked in my second period classroom. Every male student had a hat on.

In time, I could feel a student taking too long in the restroom. My child monitoring system kicked in.

While moonlighting at Rich’s department store in the Greenbrier Mall, I stopped a child running on the escalator.  The security guard told me good job. My child monitoring system had become an involuntary response.

Moonlighting at Wachovia Bank as a corporate remittance specialist, we would receive a check mailed that day and have it processed before morning. While working, a woman chewing gum came to me with a question.  I tapped the trashcan and told her to spit her gum out, which she did. Embarrassed, I bought her a pack of gum out of the snack machine at break and told her to chew all she wanted.  My child monitoring system had gone out of control.

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