Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blogathon Day 1

I’m participating in a blogathon this month. At times, I feel like the blog is a waste of my time. Some posts have a high hit volume but most of the regular ones have a much smaller readership. After all, I want to write screenplays and short stories and novels and just maybe a few good poems.

I write better because of my blog. I know what people respond to more and what shuts them down. Surprisingly, reading other blogs opens the doors for me more. The only thing better is to comment on the blog. It’s that interaction and making a cogent statement in twenty words. Sort of like twitter except it is an audience of one who may enjoy your feedback.

I’m going to a concert tonight of a band called the NHS hasbeens. The men actually tried to make a living as musicians when they got out of high school. Each enjoyed a degree of recognition.. They followed their muse. One thing that comes with time is recognizing the good side of failure. These men enjoyed what they did, had incredibly good and bad experiences, and enjoy their music more today.

The desire to write has always been with me. I would write a little and feel lost. I would get a better offer and it is just easier to do other things. I taught school and there is a creative element in developing fun activities. That creative urge in me was requited.

Overloaded with family and work, I quit my job with an unplanned retirement looming before me.
Following an aggravating discussion with a brother, some people would call it an argument, I woke up wanting to write.

I know a good blog post – My failures. I’ll have to keep that in mind. 

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