Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poodle Grooming Club

You can tell what kind of dog someone has by his or her fast food choices. Little woofs love their chicken nuggets. Wendy's had 5 nuggets for a dollar. They dropped them from their menu. They were back two months later. All the folks with little woofs no longer had a hankering as much for Wendy's when woof didn't get their nuggets anymore. 

My second serious job, which means they took out money for FICA and taxes was at Tastee Freeze. The motto was "We aim to pleez at Tastee Freez".  The mostly teen aged staff gave the motto as much respect as a phrase like that possesses. 

We had a double decker burger with special sauce, lettuce, pickle, which was remarkably similar to a more publicized burger of that description, called the Big Tee.

My favorite order from customers was for the Big Tree burger, fried tators and a large "urnge". I will say people are more sophisticated with fast food today than the early seventies. I was careful not to mimic customers in front of my dad. 

I was inducted into the Poodle Grooming Club in 1997. The invitation was innocent enough. The teenagers hanging from the take-out window at Wendy's wanted to give me two nuggets for my dogs. 

Dogs were immediately addicted.

Who knew chicken nuggets were better than McDonalds. I taught school. On field trips, the students wanted to eat at McDonalds. On a trip to Germany, you guessed right. The students wanted McDonalds.

I even knew teachers who loved McDonalds. Having spent several summers eating all the free Big Tree Burgers I could stand, the allure of fast food burgers fails me.

One of the benefits of this club, you do not have to stay on any one topic any longer than you feel. You can bounce between topics at will. Stay tuned. I got a lot about my long-standing member ship in the Poodle Grooming Club and its ramifications.

Later, my dog has a burger headache.


  1. Ha! Who'd have thought dogs would be suckers for chicken nuggets? :) I love the idea that they drive the success (or failure) of a fast food place - those little canines have big power, no? And I love the freedom granted by the Poodle Grooming Club to its members! A fun piece - thanks for linking up! ~Christine (Trifecta Guest Judge)

  2. lol
    I adore the last paragraph and the last sentence.

  3. Fun set up to take us on a wild ride. I wrote a piece like that where I gave my character a short attention span.


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