Monday, June 10, 2013

My mother is not feeling well

Mom will be 83 this year and does remarkably well. If people give her time, she is quite competent to tell you what you need to know. She's nauseated this morning and is delaying taking her medications.

I'm lucky in that I have had my mother much longer than most people and I hope to have her longer. It is disquieting when they tell you where important papers and items are in case they aren't around. For MOE, we don't keep large sums of money in the house. For one thing, we don't have large sums of money. We are folks that are going to have a "big ass" fight over the Corelle ware and who gets mom's stainless steel bread pan.

Her little dog Daisy is so in tune with my mom, she is acting sick. I don't think the seven pound chihuahua mix is. My mother does worry about her. I'm sure if we went to the vet they could find some specialty vitamin for the little love. I know some people think animals don't have souls. I think they do. Their feelings are so deep. Daisy would not eat when my mom was in the hospital.

Oh, I was not selected for TEDx. The young man wanted to keep my name and contact open for a future TEDx. Of course if some glitzier folks come along . . . Anyway, he gave me a contact with a storytelling group he thought I would be a fit for. This month's topic is "fast food restaurants". I'll try my ideas out on a later blog.

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  1. 83 is a pretty mean age to still be around the planet with. She should keep it up. She ought to have access to medical professionals; it's the least our society can do, to help her reach new benchmarks of longevity for us all. Hope she gets well, soon.


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