Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Keeping on Keeping on

Oh Tootie Fruits, I signed up for the blogathon and I find myself having to write something to post everyday. Normally, I write a great deal. I am actually avoiding housework. I don't mind housework. I'm just disorganized and its the organization or actually it is the packrat in me that is a problem.

I've filled a bag with perfectly good clothes, I will dump at the Happy Hour Service Center tomorrow. My things have taken a life of their own and I got a problem. My problem with clothes is I love them. I wear the same old thing over and over even though I have many other clothes I am?saving?. The rags are as hard to part with as the treasures.

My mom will get out of the hospital tomorrow. The combination of diabetes and a tick bite has led to an infection in her leg which has been a mess. I pull ticks off all the time. I hated when she got the bite. I really did not feel that concerned. My mom's skin has gotten so frail, she has numerous bruises and scratches.

Old age is not for the faint of heart. I have a 16 year old poodle who is blind, deaf, senile. He enjoys his food and loves me. I see him waiting in the hallway waiting for me to come home. He went on the dog walk this morning which I don't normally let him do. Well, when we are coming back he turns and goes the other way.

The young dogs run to fetch him. He stops but still heads the wrong way. I get the young dogs back in the house and then drive in the car to get him. I get out to get him. He is now running. Thankfully, being a senior citizen, I can outrun him, barely. Some people think folks who become senile don't feel the pains of arthritis etc. I think they do. They just can't process the problem.

Frank was stunned when I picked him up. Where did you come from was probably his thought. He loved the car ride. He has been a car riding dog most of his life.

Anyway, today has been a drag. Sat in the hospital, came home for the air condition repairman who did not charge me, got a little clutter busted. My mom definitely comes home tomorrow and we have a home health care nurse to boot. I welcome any support system.

The only thing bad about the home healthcare nurse is my mother has to give up driving. She is truly a good driver.

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy household. Between caring for your mom, the pets and other matters, having a good support system is definitely a welcome thing. Anyway, I hope your mom's condition has gotten better since. Best regards! -Demetrius @ Comfort Keepers


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